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Our BIG Love for Small Businesses


Brannon Industrial Group is going on thirteen years of business in Washington County and the greater Brazos Valley. We’ve been grateful to experience growth and expansion through the years. It doesn’t take much for us to remember our humble beginnings of a small local business buying and selling scrap metal. According to, May is known as Small Business Month. We couldn’t help but use this as an excuse to reminisce on our days as a young business and acknowledge the hand we try to lend to other small businesses.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of small businesses is the support and the camaraderie the Washington County Chamber of Commerce has given us since our earliest days. We’re proud to be a part of the WCCOC at the Presidential Level. Joining your local chamber of commerce is a fantastic way to connect and support your neighboring businesses, both big and small.

Within the Washington County Chamber of Commerce is the Economic Development initiative. This effort hosts lessons and seminars, free to local businesses to attend, that empower the company owners with a new skill or tool for their business. We’re thrilled to send our marketing team to host annual branding and marketing classes with WCCOCED. Brand It Consulting Group taught the importance of good branding and content for your small business this year. Last spring, they led a discussion and tutorial on the Google My Business platform.

Of course, we also love doing good old fashion daily business with small businesses and entrepreneurs. For example, our Stop And Go Potties portable bathrooms are typically used at fairs and festivals that champion independent businesses and craft pop-ups. Similarly, we work with many small event coordinators and venue owners for weddings and events. Those businesses must be treated just as well as our large corporate clients. We value all business, whether the client is large or small.

Brand It Graphix, our print and marketing agency, also does a lot of work with small businesses. All the design work, marketing strategy, social media management, web design, and specialty print work is done individually in a custom-tailored approach. That means that each client is supported in the way that they need. There’s no prerequisite to having a large budget or a massive print order. At the origin of the print shop, we set out to cultivate marketing services for large corporations, independent entrepreneurs, non-profits, and everyone in between.

Click HERE to read some of the recent marketing projects that Brand It has produced for small businesses.


This same theme is true for all companies under the BIG name- BVR Waste & Recycling, Premier Metal Buyers, and BVR Dumpster Rentals. In each of these businesses, we strive to work well with all companies and individuals, no matter their stature. Of course, as a family-owned, locally-run company, we have the utmost appreciation for the hustle of a small business. We’re always quick to remember our simple business roots, which consistently fostered respect for small businesses and the hustle it takes to own and operate one.

We encourage all consumers and corporations to support small businesses. They’re the backbone of a strong economy because of the jobs they create and the innovation that fosters innovation. Through our humble beginnings, neighbor businesses, and valued small business client base, we celebrate small businesses today and every day! We hope everyone shows their BIG love for small businesses this month and beyond.


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