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The Importance of Securing Your Job Site

Securing a job site for construction, demolition, and safety involves several factors to ensure that the work site is safe for workers, visitors, and the public. Brannon Industrial Group can offer solutions to securing your job site and meeting the required regulatory standards implemented by cities and municipalities.

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A properly fenced off job site will provide a barrier to keeping unauthorized personnel out of the area. At BVR we offer temporary chain link fences, stand-alone fence panels, widescreen/ privacy fences, and iron swing entry gates.The cost to rent temporary fencing can vary depending on factors such as the type of fencing, the length of the rental period, and the location. We offer both short term and long-term rentals for fencing and will work with you to find the best approach for the job site you are managing. The size of the space or area is most often the determining factor in the amount of fencing that you will need. A BVR expert can provide an initial consultation to evaluate the site ,recommend the proper fencing needs and be sure that the installation is feasible and will run smoothly.

The job site should be inspected regularly to identify potential hazards, such as uneven surfaces, exposed electrical wires, or toxic materials. This is the responsibility of a foreman, supervisor, or upper management to ensure the safety of all the workers on the project. Once identified, appropriate control measures should be put in place to minimize the risk of injury, such as signs, protective barriers, or personal protective equipment.

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It is important for workers to have safe and easy access to the job site, as well as a safe way to exit in case of an emergency.A safe entrance and exit can help to prevent on the job site accidents and injuries when workers are coming to and from. BVR provides personnel/swing entry gates that give you controlled access to your site. This also will reduce the chance of collisions with vehicles and heavy equipment during operating hours. Many jurisdictions have regulations and standards in place that require employers to provide the necessary protocols for the site. Providing a safe entrance and exit can help to demonstrate that an employer values the safety and well-being of its workers. This can improve morale and lead to higher quality production and employee retention with satisfied workers. Overall, ensuring a safe entrance and exit is an essential part of creating a safe and productive work environment. By taking steps to prevent accidents and injuries, employers can protect their workers, comply with regulations, and create a positive workplace culture.

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Demolition and construction sites can generate large amounts of waste and debris. Proper waste management procedures should be put in place to ensure that waste is disposed of safely and responsibly.BVR Waste and Recycling hasnumerous types of roll-off dumpsters for any job.We offer a wide range of sizes with short term and long-term rentals. While providing excellent customer service, we can remain flexible and efficient as your job site conditions may change. Our dumpsters are steel welded and heavy duty which makes them a good solution for all the waste in renovation or demolition projects. The roll off dumpsters provide a safe and reliable option to centralize the waste and garbage accumulated on the job site. By containing all the materials and mess , companies can avoid any regulatory fines and maintain a good reputation in their industry. Our role is to relieve any job site manager of the worry and stress of waste management.


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