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BIG Earth Day Contest Winners


In case you missed it, last month Brannon Industrial Group announced an Earth Day Craft Competition called "Reuse Your Recyclables"! The goal of this competition was to educate each other on what materials are recyclable and to challenge ourselves to think outside of the box in how we can be repurposing everyday items. We’re excited to announce that the competition is now closed and we’ve officially selected our Earth Day Contest winners!

As you might remember, this was a virtual competition throughout the whole Brazos Valley to make the most creatively functional item ONLY using recyclable materials. Recyclable materials mainly included: plastic, paper, metal, glass, aluminum, steel, wood, and cardboard. Furthermore, in order to be considered for the top prizes, projects must have an operable function, solve a problem, or serve a purpose. Our definition of functional was: completing or fulfilling a specific task that is predetermined.

And now for the best part… drumroll please… the winners of the 2023 Brannon Industrial Group Earth Day Craft Competition are…

First Place: Reid with “Bottles Up! It’s Game Time!”

Second Place: Kathy with “Recycled Bird Feeders”

Third Place: Wyatt with “Kachow! Mack-truck”


Our first place craft is an ingenious birthday party game constructed of recycled crates and wine bottles. Reid even added a thematic flair by painting all of the bottles to match his cowboy birthday theme!

Judges notes:

“This project possessed the functionality out of all of the submissions! And it’s just SO cute!”

“I loved how the bottles were recycled into a fun game that families and friends can enjoy together...and the painted cow print was a playful, creative design!”


Our second place project is so practical, it makes you wonder why we don’t all make some! Kathy has filled her yard with beautiful birdfeeders, made solely from recyclable materials. Kathy commented “It’s a great way to keep our birds happy and I enjoy watching them as well as recycling”. Well said, Kathy! We totally agree!

Judges notes:

“The bird feeders are such a sustainable and thoughtful project… which is the whole point of Earth Day! Well done!”

“The bird feeders were cleverly recycled out of everyday items people commonly purchase at the grocery store. What a creative way to not only recycle but also take care of the nature and birds around us!”


Our third place craft definitely has the WOW factor! For Wyatt’s Cars themed birthday party, he constructed (an almost life sized!) Mack truck face using only paper and cardboard boxes. This was a great idea that can be replicated in all kinds of shapes and themes. Great thinking, Wyatt!

Judges notes:

“This was such a cute and unique idea! The design was so well executed and well designed… I’m very impressed!”

“The cardboard birthday party truck was adorable! Such a fun way to recycle cardboard while creating memories with your kids!”

A huge thank you to all who participated in our BIG Earth Day Craft Competition. But the fun doesn’t have to stop here. We encourage everyone to take time to appreciate our great planet by reducing, reusing, or recycling. If you want to take it even further, read our blog post HERE for ideas on how you and your family can do this together... every day!

Don’t forget, if you’re not signed up for recycling services, it’s never been easier! Just contact one of our BVR Waste & Recycling experts today!


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