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Unique Items You Would Never Know are Recyclable!

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Brannon Industrial Group services the Brazos Valley region, the Gulf Coast and Metro Houston providing innovative solutions for recycling while making a priority the potential impact on the environment. Our goal is to encourage any recycling efforts that reduce the negative environmental and economic impact on our planet. Even the most knowledgeable recycling enthusiasts focus more on the common items and materials that we recycle every day—aluminum cans, plastics, paper, cardboard, newspapers, food containers, jars, beer, and soda bottles, etc. In this post we talk about specific ways recycling professionals are breathing new life into some of the most unique items.

tennis ball recyclable item

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are typically made of a rubber core and a felt exterior. While they are not biodegradable, they can be recycled. Tennis ball recycling programs typically collect used tennis balls and repurpose them in a variety of ways, such as creating new tennis courts, playground surfaces, and even dog toys. By recycling tennis balls, we can reduce the number of balls that end up in landfills and give them a second life.

cork recyclabe item


Corks are a common material used in wine bottle stoppers. However, many people are unaware that corks are also recyclable. Cork recycling programs typically collect used corks and transform them into a range of products, such as flooring tiles, insulation, and shoe soles. They are a great material to be repurposed for items such as drink coasters, and bathmats. By recycling wine bottle corks, we can reduce the amount of cork waste in landfills and promote sustainable practices in the wine industry.

eyeglasses recyclable item


Many people replace their eyeglasses frequently, either due to changes in prescription or fashion trends. However, old eyeglasses can be recycled and repurposed to help people in need. There are many organizations that collect used eyeglasses and distribute them to people who cannot afford new glasses. Providing access to vision care for those in need is having a charitable heart and can help many people better their quality of life with this simple process.

carpet recyclable item


Carpet is a common household item that many people replace every few years. While it seems like a daunting task, recycling carpet is actually quite simple. Many recycling programs accept used carpet and repurpose it into new carpet, insulation, and other products. Repurposing carpet can promote sustainability in the construction industry.

fishing net recyclable item

Fishing Nets

Fishing nets are an important tool for fishermen, but they can also be a significant source of ocean pollution if not properly disposed of. Many organizations collect used fishing nets and repurpose them into products such as carpets, clothing, and even skateboards. By recycling fishing nets, we can reduce the amount of plastic waste in our oceans and promote sustainable practices in the fishing industry.

Americans don’t consider giving many of the items listed above a second life. It’s not intentional, and it’s not being lazy, they are just not educated on the possibilities. While many people are aware of the standard recyclable materials there are many unique items that can also be recycled. By recycling these unique items, we can reduce the amount of waste in landfills and promote sustainable practices in various industries. Over time communities are learning what can be recycled and repurposed which has increased the recycling rate and promoted the development of recycling technology to strengthen our industry. Recycling is crucial to protecting our planet from unnecessary waste, and as a business, Brannon Industrial Group is committed to caring for our communities and continuing our mission of innovative solutions to protect our environment.


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