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BIG Things to Expect in 2023

BIG things to expect in 2023

As we look on, to the new year, there are a lot of exciting things on our radar! What can we say, we’re BIG! More business projects, more team members, more specialization, more capabilities, more community involvement. We’re always looking to grow, whether that be our customer base, our services, or even our philanthropy efforts. This year, we have a lot of fun initiatives, new and recurring, that we’re excited to take on. Here are some of the BIG things you can expect from us in 2023.

Local Community Involvement

At BIG, we’ve always strived to give back directly to our community. Of course, that can take several different shapes. Our businesses service both a local community, and a nation-wide customer base. Both of which are important to us. This year we have over a dozen local philanthropy and sponsorship engagements planned. From our local high school golf fundraiser to Brenham’s Movies in the Park events… we care deeply for the place that our businesses and employees call home.

Expanded Philanthropy

Our efforts for service and philanthropy don’t just lie in the city limits of our Brenham headquarters. This year, we’re putting extra support into efforts and groups all across Texas as well as non-profit groups that are nation-wide. Each of the groups that Brannon Industrial Group supports, has a very personal tie to the company and the people within. Our hope is that while we grow and sustain our businesses, we can help other groups do the same.

More Business Offerings

In homage to our name, we love big ideas, big solutions, and big help for our customers. This year, Brannon Industrial Group is looking to expand some of our business offerings in a BIG way. We’re adding more stops to our BVR Waste and Recycling route. Our print shop services are getting better and better. At Premier Metal Buyers we’re offering better benefits than ever, for metal recycling. Stop And Go Potties is servicing more events, and more projects in a more efficient way. Our newest venture, Brand It Consulting Group, is helping all of their clients make a BIG splash with their branding and advertising efforts.

We have a lot in store for 2023, at BIG! We’re grateful for the loyalty that our communities and individual customers continue to give us. We’re proud of what we’ve built over the years, but there is still a lot on the horizon. We have a lot of projects and efforts taking shape in 2023, and for that we’re both motivated and thankful! BIG things to come!


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