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Fall in Love with BIG

fall in love with BIG

Valentine's Day is a time for celebrating love and admiration… and not just in a romantic setting! This year, Brannon Industrial Group is spreading the love by sharing a few fun facts about who we are, and the work that we pride ourselves in doing. In all of the branches of business that we do, we really strive to do it with passion and honesty. Just like most things, we think that a deeper understanding of who we are, can lead to a deeper trust in doing business with us. Whether you’re a construction company looking for a roll off dumpster or portable sanitation stations… or an individual looking to begin recycling services. We think Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to fall in love with BIG!

Here are four fun facts about BIG!

We are family owned and family operated

The Brannon family is proud to be in business together. For almost 15 years, Mike and Cindy and their son, Blake, have grown the Brannon Industrial Group together. Each with a unique background and skill set, this power trio mixes work and family in the most wholesome way!

We service nine counties for waste and recycling maintenance.

That’s about 60 miles in diameter! There are so many great towns in our trash and recycling routes. We’re proud to play a role in the upkeep and beautification of all of them!

scrap metal recycling fall in love with BIG

We recycled over 400 million pounds of materials last year.

In 2022, our company, BVR Waste & Recycling handled over 41,000 tons of recycled materials. That’s over 82 million pounds! Even better, at Premier Metal Buyers, we received and handled over 169,000 tons of scrap metal. Totaling close to 340 million pounds of metal. Now that’s BIG!

Our president was an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Entrepreneur Of The Year is one of the preeminent competitive business awards for entrepreneurs and leaders of high-growth companies who think big to succeed. In 2022, an independent panel of judges selected Blake Brannon based on his entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth and impact, among other core contributions and attributes. We’re proud to call him boss! Read more details on this story, HERE.

We hope that everyone uses this time of year as a time to show extra fondness to those around them. Whether it be a neighbor, a coworker, or even the fantastic people who pick up your trash and recycling every week. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to share a deeper look at who we are and what we do with the hope of our customers falling in love with BIG!


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